Bruce Wilcox Braithwaite

“Street Fashion on Red, NYC”
30″x40″ Oil on Canvas

Born in 1950 and originally from Manchester England, Bruce Wilcox Braithwaite is a realist painter who excels at painting a series of images to portray the many themes of a geographical area.  His interest in portraying the mood of an area, be it a city, country-side or event, began when he lived in Georgia.  During that time he produced over 50 paintings of Cumberland Island and southwest Georgia that are not in private and corporate collections.

After this series, Braithwaite’s attention turned to a series about the city of Atlanta, where he lived and worked. An exhibition of these works, and those of 14 other local artists, was highlighted by Atlanta magazines and CNN’s “Week in Review.” His parting tribute to Atlanta, before moving to New Jersey, was realized just as the city won the Olympic bid in 1996. His painting of the festivities that celebrated the news, “Ticker Tape Parade,” was hung in the main lobby of the Olympics offices.

Over the years, his work has earned several awards from the North Shore Arts Association. Now located in Princeton, New Jersey, Braithwaite is exhibiting a series of his paintings about the many moods of New York City at Union Gallery.