Charles Movalli

Charles Movalli is one of Cape Ann’s best known painters and teachers. Born the son of artists in Gloucester, MA in 1945, Movalli became an art teacher, influential art editor and writer. But above all, he is a painter. His dramatic brushwork creates the vibrant lighting and sense of movement that captures the essence of a scene.

Movalli studied with Emile A. Gruppe, Roger Curtis, Zygmund Jankowski and Betty Lou Schlemm. As an art editor for Watson-Guptill Publications, Movalli collaborated with Roger Curtis and Emile A. Gruppe on a series of art instruction books. The books, which are now collector’s items, formed the basis for a lasting friendship between Movalli and Gruppe, fifty years his senior.

Movalli’s connection with Watson-Guptill Publications led to other writing assignments and for twenty-five years he was contributing editor at American Artist magazine where he produced over eighty articles. His writing was not restricted to this publication. His articles have appeared in Southern Accents, Southern Boating, and in The American Art Review. In addition, his paintings were featured in American Artist.

The popularity of Movalli’s books and articles led to many years of teaching and grounded him in the fundamentals of painting. Perhaps more importantly, these experiences led to his becoming a full-time painter. Soon there began a cycle of exhibitions, awards, and one-man shows.

“Simplification” and “expression” became his watchwords. Over the years, Movalli has lectured and demonstrated painting techniques for over 100 art organizations and juried exhibitions in Massachusetts, North and South Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Indiana, Kansas, and Bermuda. Before retiring after 20 years of teaching, his workshop legacy included 24 states as well as Bermuda, Mexico, Canada, England, France, and Switzerland.

Movalli believes that his career falls into clear segments: first, that of a journalist and writer of art instruction books who wanted to paint; second, a teacher who painted whenever possible; third, a painter who taught occasionally; and finally, a painter involved primarily with solving his own unique pictorial problems.

Movalli is listed in Who’s Who in American Art and is a member of the North Shore Arts Association; Rockport Art Association; Guild of Boston Artists; Hudson Valley Art Association; Academic Artists; Knickerbocker Artists; Oil Painters of America (Signature Member); and the New England Watercolor Society.